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Readers’ reactions

Published:Friday | January 28, 2022 | 12:11 AM

Under pressure, the National Commercial Bank (NCB) has sought to explain how it arrived at new and increased banking fees. Both NCB and Scotiabank have been facing intense public criticism over the new fees. Here are some readers’ reactions sourced from The Gleaner’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

Oh, so we the customers haven’t suffered greatly? How much more will they take from the little bit of salary and wages that people a get? – Sheda Love

I’m guessing it’s the customers that cause COVID to be here, so your plan is to penalise us for what you allege that COVID has caused. That is more than extortion. You all need to do better for the customers. Shame on all of you.#Bankers. – Barbara Jones Brown

With the digital transformation, the whole objective was to cut cost at the mercy of numerous redundancies, and NCB and Scotia have been definitely doing that. Don’t buy that moving and counting money if most transactions have been moved online. These institutions are unproductive and non-innovators but choose to fee-gouge at to make their net profit look better as if they were doing something. – Leo Farquharson

Here, the institution taking another page out of USA book … robbing poor people. – Kepsie Kepsie

This don’t need no argument to send up blood pressure. Just take out our money out of the bank argument done. Simple. – florettemasters

Stop using cash. Time for banks to support more electronic banking systems and payment by handheld devices. Cash is expensive to print, transport, and store in ATMs. Also easier to track corruption and money laundering and easier to establish credit to make people eligible for loans if you usher in a digital payment system. Stop holding Jamaica back. – hazelberryskinfood

Have even one of your members reported a loss since March, 2020, Sir? How many of your members have reported any significant fall in profits? Please define “suffered greatly” for us. Thank you. – presidenclinton

This is a joke. Wake me up deh, please tell us how these banks suffer greatly because I’ve never seen any of them report a loss. Always see how much billion they make each year in profit. This sound like JPS which day, they losing but their end of year report show how billions in profit – jerome379702301

NCB and Scotiabank, don’t worry, it’s just a matter of time before we start closing down our accounts one by one. I guess our money is safer in a vault or under our mattress. @Kenworth Bruce Brown

These banks want to take everything from the poor people that depend on them. The Government needs to step in and stop this from happening. – ianmd40

They got there when they realised that the mega yacht gas was more than anticipated. So customers, “u gotta pay up”. Mega yachts don’t gas themselves ... . – LordHighTheDadz

– Compiled by Kashauna Atkins