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Keeping it Fresh for 2018

Published:Monday | January 1, 2018 | 12:00 AM
New Year MU
Finding the right foundation was made easier for women of colour in 2017, a trend to continue for 2018.
Contributed Photo Overlining the lips is something that should be tossed for 2018 as Smith-Scott demonstrated on this look perfectly lined lips gives a clean finish.
Do not be afraid to go glam for night outs but note flawless skin equals to even more flawless looking make-up
New Year MU

Yes! You are beautiful, but nothing is wrong with grabbing a brush and adding a little sparkle to your look for 2018.

Rihanna was the winner of 2017 when it came to the make-up industry. Coming out with one of the most diverse foundation palettes for her fellow 'sistas' and we are loving it. This is one thing that make-up artist, Casandra Smith-Scott, would like to see continue into 2018. Seeing brands catering more to every woman instead of boxing us into large groups, is something that the beauty industry on a whole needs to consider.

She is also happy with seeing YouTubers actually going underneath the foundation and directly to the skin, something that used to be ignored.

"More women, especially on social media, were sharing their skincare routine. Whether it be moisturisers or cleansers, etc. Taking care of your skin is the first step in having flawless make-up and I would like to see more of that for 2018," she told Flair.

Truth be told, when it came to make-up trends in 2017 there were hiccups. The overlining of the lips is something that she believes has gone way too far and more times than not, looks messy. It is time to just accept our differences. The difference is beautiful and we should learn this for this year.

Also, she does not believe that women are doing enough research as it pertains to their own skin. They might watch a video or see their favourite influencer wearing a particular shade and they just grab that exact shade instead of going to a beauty store that tests foundation and checking if that colour is their shade. Trying new brands is always a plus, but ensure that the colour matches you when it comes to foundation as well as whether that shade of lipstick truly complements your complexion.

"Buy what suits you and fits you. You can't wear a size 10 shoes and accept to walk comfortably in a size 7.5," Smith-Scott metaphorically explained.

However, there are a few tips that Smith-Scott would like to leave as it pertains to a flawless fresh face - simple, low-maintenance, clean look.

Silicone-based primer: This allows for a smooth finish when you apply make-up.

Invest in pressed powder: A good pressed powder helps to keep you looking matte instead of greasy.

Brow gel: Opt for a brow gel for that perfect arch.

Gloss: From sheer to a tinted gloss, either go a far way. It is easy to apply but helps to finish your look.

Casandra Smith-Scott

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